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SANLONG heavy industry has won users' compliment among fierce market competition by means of excellent and perfect service system.
After-Sales Service Commitments
In order to guarantee that our products are kept in a sound working state, the Company strictly adheres to the GB/T1678.1-1997 After-Sales Service of Industrial Products and makes the following commitments.

Ⅰ.Installation, commissioning and inspection & acceptance.
1. As per the terms and conditions and time regulated in the contract or agreed by both parties, Party A will send technicians on spot to guide Party B how to install, adjust and operate the equipment correctly.
2. Party B should provide the following installation conditions:
     ① Ascertain the construction place and make preparations for equipment installation according to Party A’s technical requirements.
     ② Provide the power supply and ground connection necessary to the normal operation of the product.
     ③ Arrange necessary personnel, lifting equipment, auxiliary machinery and tools standby 
     ④ Arrange the board and lodging for Party A’s technicians.
3. In the case that Party B has no qualified installation conditions but forces Party A’s technicians to install and sticks to their claim even after Party A has explained in written form, Party B should sign on the written explanation to acknowledge this, and Party A will not assume the warranty responsibilities therefrom.
4. After Party B received the equipment acceptance notice from Party A, Party B should implement the inspection and acceptance work within 3 days. If Party B hasn’t carried out the inspection and acceptance within 10 days, Party A will regard it as qualified.

Ⅱ.Warranty period and gratuitous services
1. The warranty period of Party A’s equipment is 12 months started from the completion day of inspection and acceptance. After the installation and commissioning, in the case that inspection and acceptance are unable to implement due to Party B, the warranty period is calculated from the 10th day after Party A’s notice of inspection and acceptance.
2. Within the warranty period, except for act of Nature and human factors, for damages caused by the design, workmanship and manufacture, Party A will send personnel to repair for free.
3. Party B should operate and maintain the equipment according to the attached document provided by Party A. For damages caused by Party B’s improper operation, maintenance and fueling, Party A will not assume the responsibility and all expenses should be assumed by Party B.
4. Party A will provide training courses for Party B’s operation and maintenance personnel as well as provide technical counseling for free.
5. Party A will provide life long services for equipment. For those which exceed the warranty period, Party A will provide compensated services.
6. In the case that Party B has after-sales service demand, Party A will reply and send out personnel within 12 hours after receiving the notice.

Ⅲ. Auxiliaries provision

1.The maintenance auxiliaries provided by Party A is guaranteed to be the genuine and certified fittings produced by the original factory.
2.In the case that Party B purchases wearing parts and components which are not provided by Party A, Party A will not provide gratuitous services.
3.For the abnormal damages of wearing parts, such as scaleboard, paddle, belt, air pipe, magnet valve and filter screen, which are not caused by Party A’s equipment issues but belong to the normal wear, the replacing expenses should be assumed by Party B.
4.Party A will renew the user’s record, follow up the equipment operation status, visit the user regularly and solve problems for the user.