Quality Control
I、Product Quality Assurance 
1、Equipment Manufacture Standards
Our products are manufactured on the basis of user’s special requirements with reference to JT/T3157-93 Technology Conditions of Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant, JB/ZQ3011 General Specifications of Engineering Machinery Welding Parts, JB/ZQ3014 General Specifications of Engineering Machinery Assembling and JB/ZQ3015 General Specifications of Engineering Machinery Painting, and in compliance with ISO9000 Standards.
2、Material & Parts Quality
The domestic materials are purchased according to the current standards for materials and specifications in China, and material without certificate will never be used. The special assembling & inspection records of all parts are established before leaving the factory to ensure the reliable and sound operation of this equipment, so as to reduce the installation and testing period.
3、Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing processes of steel structure and machinery parts are prepared in accordance with the standard of equipment manufacture, inspection & acceptance and the actual situation of the factory. The manufacturing process of structural member includes tolerance of material and components, cutting and machining process, welding, anticorrosion treatment & friction surface processing, bar marking, and other documents. The manufacturing process of machinery parts mainly includes process documents of machining process, assembly, test, etc.
4、Process Quality Control
In accordance with the GB/T19002-1994, idt-ISO9002-1994 Quality System – Model of Quality Assurance in Production, Installation and Servicing, we strictly control the quality of products.
Besides the regular measuring tools, equipment used for physical testing, flaw detecting, assaying and analyzing mainly includes: Dcg-60 universal material testing machine, metallurgical microscope, micro hardness tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, magnetic flaw detector, analytical balance (1/10000), electric tube furnace for carbon testing, local heating furnace, thermostat, etc.

II、Delivery Guarantee
Our company will concentrate our personnel, material resources and equipment according to the amount of work list for the project and the company production capacity to ensure the producing progress and on-time delivery.
Our company has a professional vehicle transportation team and has been keeping a long & close cooperation with the railway transportation department, thus ensure the safe delivery to the destination in the shortest route.