Mortar Production Equipment
GF series of ready-mixed mortar
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GF series of ready-mixed mortar is my company’s advanced technologic equipment combined with many years of experience in mortar equipment, scientific research achievements at home and abroad, on the basis of their own development and design of the series: ready-mixed ordinary mortar production equipment, special ready-mixed mortar production equipment, ready-mixed mortar mechanism sand production equipment.
Product characteristics as follows:
1, a variety form of equipment structure: there are the tower type, standing type, simple type and others.our specialized design give all users the best and most economical solution.
2, stable equipment performance: using Pro/ENGINEER parameterized, 3D modeling of rapid design system, thus making technical design as perfect as possible;Formed complete set of other mechanical and electrical products are domestic or foreign well-known brand, to ensure stability and reliability of the operation of the equipment.
3, humanized design, easy to operate: all adopt computer, PLC, control instrument automation control system,The interface for the dynamic simulation of the whole equipment can be reflected in the display screen according to each operating point, making the operation simple and clear.
4, beautiful contour structure: equipment outside main building adopts closed technology, can effectively dust, noise, the overall equipment appearance is beautiful and easy.
5, convenient installation, disassembly, reasonable design, the main building adopts bolt connection between overall equipment install and disassemble because it is effective for equipment installation, debugging, save time and cost.
6, maintenance, maintenance is simple: there is maintenance walkways or platform to maintain , it’s intuitive and convenient, and there is enough space.
7, green, environmental protection, recycling: specially designed dust removal system, the whole production process are in fully enclosed environment, effectively control dust emissions.
Mortar materialsis in utilization of fly ash, slag, slag and other industrial waste, minimize most of the environmental impact .
Main technical parameters:
Structure Model Mixer capacity (m3) Output (m3/h) Annual Output (104 T/h) Mark
Simple type (j) GFJ500 0.5 10~15 5~8 Normal ready-mixed mortar, special production of ready-mixed mortar. Flexible layout, compact structure, low running cost, cover an area of an area small, small investment.
GFJ1000 1.0 20~30 10~15
GFJ2000 2.0 40~60 20~30
GFJ3000 3.0 60~80 30~40
Standing type(z) GFZ500 0.5 10~15 5~8 Normal ready-mixed mortar, special production of ready-mixed mortar. Arrangement is flexible, equipment structure of high and low, low running cost, covers an area of large, small investment
GFZ1000 1.0 20~30 10~15
GFZ2000 2.0 40~60 20~30
GFZ3000 3.0 60~80 30~40
GFZ4000 4.0 80~100 40~50
Stepped type(c) GFC500 0.5 10~15 5~8 Normal ready-mixed mortar, special production of ready-mixed mortar. Higher equipment structure, operation cost is higher, covers an area of big, investment is bigger.
GFC1000 1.0 20~30 10~15
GFC2000 3.0 40~60 20~30
GFC3000 4.0 60~80 30~40
GFC4000 5.0 80~100 40~50
Tower type (t) GFT500 0.5 10~15 5~8 Special ready-mixed mortar, the ordinary production of ready-mixed mortar. Equipment structure is high, the running cost is low, the equipment cover an area of an area small, investment.
GFT1000 1.0 20~30 10~15
GFT2000 2.0 40~60 20~30
GFT3000 3.0 60~80 30~40
GFT4000 4.0 80~100 40~50
Note: 1, the annual production capacity: according to the daily class 2 system, 16 hours a day, 300 days.
2, the actual production: depends on the formula and raw materials.
3, according to the user: the future production of mortar products and raw materials, formulation, investment scale, the factory area and terrain conditions, such as size, one-on-one ready-mixed mortar equipment design;

Heating device
1、Fluidized bed combustion boiler:Wide adaptability for fuel coal,especially the part can be used mixed with coal gangue. Coal can fully burning, the thermal efficiency can reach above 95%, low fuel costs.
2、Biomass burning furnace:Apply heat capacity of more than four thousand calories bio pellet fuel; fuel can fully burning, high thermal efficiency,no gumming, no sulfur emissions, low fuel costs.
3、Efficient pulverized coal furnace :Apply to all kinds of coal which contain smaller tar. With the following features :burning sufficient、less furnace slagging 、fast ignition、low energy consumption、low power. Pulverized coal furnace can be intelligent electronic ignition,can be achieved in the electrical control cabinet intelligent control.
4、Gas furnace:Using the most green natural gas fuel. With the following features: complete combustion、no residue、simple construction、easy operation、can reduce the workload of dust collector、fast ignition、 low energy consumption、low power.
5、Fuel combustion furnace:Using heavy oil, diesel oil or mixed oil. With the following features: simple construction、easy operation、can reduce the workload of dust collector、fast ignition. Furnace works are in the electrical control cabinet by PLC intelligent control.
1、Three return Dryer:With the following features: Compact structure、small footprint;reliable working、low energy consumption、unit volume evaporation strength and high thermal efficiency、small internal heat loss、outer tube has a cooling effect、lower investment in equipment foundation etc..
2、Vibration fluidized bed dryer:With the following features: Compact structure、small footprint;reliable working、low energy consumption、high thermal efficiency, simple operation,it is a variable frequency, high amplitude vibration drying equipment.
Metering system
Dry sand scale adopted the way of self-loading weighing to achieve coarse and fine metering, consist of transport mechanism,Blanking sealing valve group、sensor group、weighing control unit,etc. With the following features: High measuring accuracy 、wide adjustable range 、wear small 、easy maintenance etc.
Sand scales、 powder scales、admixture scales are equipped with specially designed additives specialized breathing apparatus,so that the material to further improve the accuracy of the weighing. There are special requirements on the measurement accuracy of admixtures, has specialized in artificial feeding devices.
Dedusting system

Mortar equipment commonly used in dust collector are:
Gravity dust collector、drying(broken)dust collector、position dust collector、warehouse roof dust collector etc.
The features of dusting system:
The roof dust collector using pulse filter technology, on the basis of the original crease vibrating dust collector to redesign; In the production process ,all of the dosing、mixing、packingsystem etc. Dust parts are adopt the pulse bag filter for dust removal. The exhaust gas and dust are produced by the drying system or broken system, adopt the secondary dust removal system which combined cyclone dust collector and large pulse baghouse dust removal, let the emission of dust of whole mortar factory fall to minimize, reducing environmental impact, the emissions of dust and soot in line with national environmental requirements.

Our company introduce and absorb the advanced Pear knife mixing technology, so that material in the “coulter” and “flying” strong composite role, constantly convection, diffusion, flip and more stacked, shear and other complex motion, resulting in achieving uniform mixing within a very short period. The larger door discharging machine designed specially 60°, which consists of quickly speed of discharging and no residue, offers online sampler for check the material mixing condition in the progress of the mixing , when we replace the recipe, the only thing we can do just cleanup, and then put into produce. Filling factor can be change in the range of 0.2-0.6 according to the material characteristics. In the ready-mixed mortar mixing process, generally speaking, the production efficiency is high with each plate in 1-3 minutes.
Screening system
The screening system is a device designed specifically blanking an efficient screening machinery almost absorbing the advanced the technology from the all over world. So that it can solve the problem easily and effectively such as widespread clogging, easily damaged, screening efficiency and low technical and so on. We can maintain easily the whole screening system because its volume is so small. What’s more, the whole system offers the fully enclose structure, and in the screening process, dust into dust removal system by the special ventilation duct, so have a clean environment
★ We will design screening system according to the users’ special stitution. 
Packing machine
Combining the domestic and European advanced technology, the ready-mixed moter packing machines are designed specifically for the series. Such as: jack balers, baler exposure, ton bag packaging machines. They have a lot of functions, for example, having a number of automatic counting bags, weight display, automatic drop correction, automatic zero adjustment, fault alarm, automatic feed, automatic unloading bags and other functions.
Moreover, there is the cover with a special device in the vicinity of the charging point, causing the dust does not spill during the packaging progress. After adding auto heap charter(optional), they can mixing with mortar equipment combined into the main building automatic packaging line. 
Finished material loading machine
The machine uses external double hose construction, and loading machine head and internal guide tube are metal structure, which resistance to wear. External hose soft materials with high strength, good sealing performance, easy to fouling, resistance to folding, long life. Lifting mechanism work smoothly, offering a specialized vacuum system, and the whole process are in a closed state, which can control dust spill effectively.
Has specialized separate control system with control box, easy to operate.
Control Systems
Our mortar production control system use the traditional "industrial control computer + Industrial Programmable Controllers" and "upper and lower machine" control mode. This is a high stability, high real-time, intelligent automation of industrial equipment control system;and it is equipped with safety and interlock devices, to avoid accidents caused by misuse.
System Features
Equipped with central monitoring device, to implement the central real-time monitoring;Equipped with a high-resolution LCD screen, the operator can grasp the real-time operational status of equipment;
On the display screen, there is a man-machine interface design,depending on different production, Such as: bake sand system running processes, mixing processes, formulas set, batching process, production reports, raw material consumption, fault warning, so the mortar equipment operation can run freely;
We design all the instruments, switches, emergency controls, process key points, equipment operation flow chart, etc. By the characteristics of ergonomic design, visual display on a computer monitor. Reasonable arrangement, reliable operation, easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to use. The operator can use the computer screen man-machine interface, keyboard, mouse, mortar equipment to achieve the entire production process control and management directly;
Control system components are imported brands, the main choice: Schneider, Siemens, Omron, etc., to ensure equipment reliability.
Online input and modify system parameters, print production. Under the automatic operation with the device , manual intervention operations can be achieved, which greatly facilitates the actual production.
The control system has the power protection function, if power outage, the computer data won’t lost; data permanently stored, after reboot if the production environment has not changed, there is no need to enter new data, the direct production;
This system has "Double double control" function (optional). It can configure two sets of industrial control computer for user's request, to achieve the user operating two platforms of mortar production facilities operate simultaneously.
Mortar factory network control function (optional):to build a data sharing among manager, production department, technical, sales, purchasing, finance and other departments 
Delivery , storage systems
Main transportation equipment:wet sand hopper with frequency discharge function, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors, U-shaped conveyor.
Silo Group: dry sand hopper, cement silo, fly ash storage, blended hopper, admixtures hopper, finished hopper.
★ According to the user's situation, specially designed or use different conveyor and silo groups.
Mortar silo
Mortar hopper is dedicated logistics equipment, from hopper body, feeding device, dust removal device, discharging mixer, add water installations, electric control devices and other components.
★ According to the general configuration of mortar plant size 80-400 sets.

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