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   YHZS (D) series of mobile concrete mixing plant is a new type of trailerable mobile concrete mixing plant. It is your best choice for mobile operations in various constructions such as highway, railway, architecture, municipal engineering, bridge, port and hydropower station.
   Its structure is unique with noveltyto combine various functions of collecting, weighing, mixing and conveying into a trailer unit for excellent mobility. We have absorbed the worldwide advanced technologies on its design to ensure accurate and reliable weighing, even and effective mixing, and fast conveying. It is highly reliable with easy operation and transportation. It is capable of mixing dry hardness, half dry hardness, plastic concrete. Besides, it is simple in operation, mobile in site-transfer and excellent in reliability. May be moved anywhere on hauling, may be ready for using on settling down.
    JS Series of twin horizontal shaft mixer is a new type of mixer designed by our company adopting the wordwide advanced technologies,the paddles use the new type of spiral collocation to guarantee short mixing time and even mixing. It could handle dry hardness, semi-dry hardness,plastic concrete and can meet different requirements of different construction sites.
   Aggregate supplying system is composed of four aggregate hoppers, each hopper has two opening devices. Users can separate it as 2 to 4 aggregate hoppers according to batching requirement. The opening device is designed specially so that the discharging is smooth and has no material jam.
    Aggregate weighing is weighed directly by the high-accuracy of sensor, so the error has been reduced. Each aggregate weighing has the function of automatic error compensation.
   The aggregate discharging belt conveyor is driven by electronic roller and the whole aggregate weighing has compact structure,balance barycenter and stable movement.
    The weighed aggregates are conveyed to the mixer by a trough belt conveyor with compact structure and high efficiency. Cement conveying system is finished by a screw conveyor according to construction requirement.
    Cement weighing is weighed directly by three high-accuracy of sensors with high accuracy and well reliability. The cement discharging gate adopts butterfly valves(can choose imported butterfly valves),equipped with compact air cylinder, electromagnetic valves, operating switch to guarantee the stable of weighing device。
    Water weighing is weighed directly by three high-accuracy of sensors with high accuracy and well reliability.We use booster pump to spray water in order to assure of uniform spraying and improve concrete's eveness.

Main technical specifications
YHZS(D) Series of Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant Main Technical Specifications
model YHZD25 YHZD35 YHZS50 YHZS75
Production (m3/h) 25 25 50 75
Mixer Type JD500 JD750 JSJ1000 JSJ1500
Power (kW) 1x18.5 1x30 2x18.5 2x30
Output (m3) 0.5 0.75 1 1.5
Grain Size (mm) <=60 <=60 <=60 <=80
Batcher Hopper Capacity(m3) 4 4 6 6
Hopper Quantity 4 4 4 4
Conveyor Capacity (t/h) 200 200 400 400
Weighing Scope
Aggergate(kg) 1000+(-)2% 1500+(-)2% 2000+(-)2% 3000+(-)2%
Cement (kg) 300+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 600+(-)1% 800+(-)1%
Water (kg) 200+(-)1% 300+(-)1% 300+(-)1% 400+(-)1%
Admixture (kg) 20+(-)1% 20+(-)1% 20+(-)1% 20+(-)1%
Trailed speed(km/h) 15 15 15 15
Wheeldistance(outside)(mm) 2800 3200 3400 3400
Turning radius(mm) 11 15 15 15
Total weight(kg) 20000 25000 15000 32000
Power(kW) 35 48 65 90
Discharge Heigh (m) 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8
1.The total power does not include the power of screw conveyor;
2.The quantity of hopper can be designed as required;
3.All above specifications are subject to alteration without notice.
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