Concrete Mixing Plant
Modular Concrete Mixing Plant
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        Modular concrete mixing plant is developed and manufactured by our company using advanced mixing techniques around the world combined with many years of experience in manufacturing concrete mixing plant and is controlled by domestic advanced industrial computer system. They are very suitable for various projects which need concrete, such as ground building, traffic engineering, municipal engineering, river construction, airport construction, harbor work, metallurgy and mine engineering.
       In order to improve environmental protection to meet modern civilized construction, our company use specially designed outer packaging such as colored armor plate or heat-preserving decoration plate for the main parts of batching floor, mixing floor and so on. It can avoid dust and reduce noise, at the same time, it makes the mixing plant's structure nice and beautiful
       According to users' requirement, aggregate belt conveyor can be designed as:
       Chevron belt conveyor
       Even belt conveyor
       Trough belt conveyor
Main technical specifications
 HZS Series of modular Concrete Mixing Plant Main Technical Specifications
 model HZS50 HZS60 HZS75 HZS100 HZS150
 Production (m3/h) 50 60 75 100 150
 Mixer  Type JSJ1000 JSJ1000 JSJ1500 JSJ2000 JSJ3000
 Power (KW) 2x18.5 2x18.5 2x30 2x37 2x55
 Output (m3) 1 1 1.5 2 3
 Grain Size (mm) <=60 <=60 <=80 <=150 <=150
 Batcher  Hopper  Capacity(m3) 13 13 13 20 20
 Hopper Quantity 3 3 3 3 3
 Conveyor Capacity(t/h) 400 400 400 600 800
 Weighing  Scope
 Aggergate(kg) 4000+(-)2% 4000+(-)2% 4000+(-)2% 6000+(-)2% 6000+(-)2%
 Cement(kg) 600+(-)1% 600+(-)1% 1000+(-)1% 1200+(-)1% 1800+(-)1%
 Water(kg) 300+(-)1% 300+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 800+(-)1% 1000+(-)1%
 Admixture(kg) 20+(-)1% 20+(-)1% 20+(-)1% 30+(-)1% 30+(-)1%
 Power(kW) 65 65 90 125 165
 Discharge Heigh(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8

1、The total power does not include the power of screw conveyor;
2、The quantity of hopper can be designed as required;
3、All above specifications are subject to alteration without notice.

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