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Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Tower
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     Ready-mixed concrete mixing tower is the commercial mixing equipment that our company have digested in the foundation which many years production ready-mixed concrete plant to have international advanced mixing technology,the main component and part purchase is internationalizationed ,the main transmission and transportation part use domestic well-known brand product, the main component and part replancement period is short,the maintenance is economy and simple. The entire mixing plant is assembled concisely conveniently, is used stabilizing reliably and green environmental protection. Besides those which ordinary concrete mixing plant provides, this product features the following advantages;
     The high-volume aggregate silo is placed over the mixing building, whose large capacity allows smooth mixing, stable water content, stable quality of concrete and huge amount of production.
Main technical specifications
HLS Series of Ready-mixed Concrete Mixing Tower Main Technical Specifications
Model HLS60 HLS90 HLS120 HLS180 HLS200
Production (m3/h) 60 90 120 180 200
Mixer Type JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000 JS4000
Power (kW) 2x18.5 2x30 2x37 2x55 2x75
Output (m3) 1 1.5 2 3 4
Grain Size (mm) <=60 <=80 <=120 <=150 <=150
Waiting Hopper Capacity(m3) 120 120 200 200 300
Conveyor Capacity (t/h) 600 600 800 800 1000
Weighing Scope Accuracy
Aggergate(kg) 3x1500+(-)2% 4x2000+(-)2% 4x3000+(-)2% 4x4000+(-)2% 4x4500+(-)2%
Cement (kg) 600+(-)1% 1000+(-)1% 1200+(-)1% 1800+(-)1% 2400+(-)1%
Cols ash (kg) 200+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 1000+(-)1%
Water (kg) 300+(-)1% 500+(-)1% 600+(-)1% 800+(-)1% 1000+(-)1%
Admixture (kg) 30+(-)1% 30+(-)1% 50+(-)1% 50+(-)1% 100+(-)1%
Total Power (kW) 100 125 150 200 250
Discharge Heigh (m) 4 4 4 4 4

Note: 1. The total power does not include the power of screw conveyor;
2. The quantity of hopper can be designed as required;
3. All above specifications are subject to alteration without notice.

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