Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
YWCB Series of Mobile Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
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   YWCB YWCB series of mobile soil mixing plant is a brand-new series of soil-cement mixing plant. The operations of aggregates feeding, weighing, conveying, mixing, storing are integrated into a trailer unit.
The plant is composed of five major parts: grain supplying system, stabilizer (cement or lime powder) supplying system, water supplying system, mixing system and mixed materials storing system, electric control system. It has the following features: compact structure, accurate weighing, uniform mixing and excellent. May be moved anywhere on hauling, may be ready for using on settling down.
It is flexible and practical for highway and railway construction projects with multiple sites and long distance, such as large square engineering, airport engineering, municipal engineering, mine road.
   The mixer adopts twin horizontal shaft mixer, and the mixing arms on the mixing shaft distribute based on special regular to make material inside mixer move forward under the strong turning and achieve continuous mixing
   The non-liner technology's principle is to pave certain thickness of cushion (to replace liner) for aggregate inside the mixer to reduce the possibility of various problems such as wearing of paddles, scuffing of paddles and to avoid material jam. So you do not have to worry about frequent replacement of liners.
   For the convenience of clearing up and maintaining, we set two discharge gates under the mixer.
   The mixer is installed directly under each grain's discharging belt conveyor. It is convenient for each material to enter the mixer directly and reduce dust at the same time
   The remote-control water supplying system is composed of target flow meter and electric operating mechanism. By slightly touching the control platform's buttons or clicking mouse, it can set and adjust water flow. The system has high control accuracy and quick response.
   The stabilizer (cement) supplying system is composed of vertical bucket elevator or screw conveyor,cement hopper,feeding screwer. The feeding screwer is controlled by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor and the feeding is uniformly and steadily.
  The mixed material hopper connects to mixer through triangular support, which is firm and stable. The other end is supported by two special poles, it is convenient and quick to install and disassemble.
  The fully electric batching control system controls the supply of aggregate and cement uniformly and steadily by using electromagnetic speed regulating motor.
You could use this system to set the total output, each material's dosage and proportional coefficient, etc. The system is accurate in proportional coefficient, reliable in dosage and simple in operation. It could be handle by manual or automatic. Besides, it has the function of automatic warning and stopping on emergency.
The electric components choice: Schneider, Zhengtai,etc,LG.
  The mixed materials fall into large obliquity of belt conveyor directly, and are conveyed to the storing hopper by belt conveyor. The trough belt conveyor makes the mixed materials' conveying route shorten and its structure compact. The storing hopper's gate is controlled by air cylinder with fast and reliable opening.
  If the dosage type reaches five, we can change the raw material hopper as aggregate hopper, and move stabilizer(cement) supplying system to the back of machine to meet the construction needs. 
Main technical specifications

 Model YWCB120 YWCB200 YWCB300
 Type Twin horizontal shaft series mixer
 Prodution(t/h) 120 200 300
 Hopper Capacity(m3) 3x4 3x6 3x8
 Grain size(mm) ≦60
 Weighing Accuracy(%) Aggregate±2.5、Cement±1.5、Water±1
 Charge Height(mm) 3.9 4.05 4.25
 Discharge Height(m) 2.8 2.9 3.5
 Trailed speed(km/h) 15
 Power(kW) 95 105 120
Note:   1、The total power does not include the power of screw conveyor;
            2、All above specifications are subject to alteration without notice.
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