Asphalt Mixing Plant
Integrated Bins for Finished Product-LB Series
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Main Features
1、The integrated bins for finished product greatly decrease the land-occupation of equipment, no elevating system for reduce the failure rate of plate.
2、Put dust bag filter above the dryer drum to reduce heat loss and save fuel and space.
3、The liner-mode screen driven by imported vibrator improves the screening efficiency and reduces the failure rate of plate.
4、The hot elevator adopts the Gail's chain for hoisting, which nor only prolongs the services life of the hoisting machine but also improves the operation stability.
5、The unique paddies design and the powerful mixer make the mixing operation more easy, effective and reliable.
6、The optimized flights structure of drying drum makes the drying system more effective and stable.
7、The RAP interface is reserved for upgrade hot RAP facilities.
8、The dual computer-controlled system, auto/manual switchable, and auto self-diagnosis program, make the operation easy and safe.
9、The modular design makes the transportation and installation more convenient and fast.
Environment Protection
1、Total dust collection with 1st-level inertial collecting, 2nd-level bag house and dust collecting modules for various portions of facilities
2、We establish environment protection concepts according to the European standards to achieve in dust emission, emission and noise control, ect.
3、The facilities are in green harmony with the environment wherever we go.
Product:LB-1000 LB-1500 LB-2000 LB-2500 LB-3000
Mainframe Technical Capacity
Type LB-1000 LB-1500 LB-2000 LB-2500 LB-3000
Production 80t/h 120t/h 160t/h 200t/h 240t/h
Power 255kW 360kW 500kW 550kW 670kW
Mixer Capacity 1000kg 1500kg 2000kg 2500kg 3000kg
Fuel oil consumption 6.5KG/T
Weighing accuracy Aggregate:+(-)0.5% Cement:+(-)0.5% Bitumen:+(-)0.25%
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