Asphalt Mixing Plant
Twin Drum-SLB Series
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Main Features
1.Integrated design of drying and batching in drum, reduce initiate cost for customer.
2.Simple structure, easy operation, drying while drum rotate in counter-clockwise direction (from burner),discharging while drum rotates in clockwise direction (from burner),and the wind are swirled in the center of the drum.
3.PLC control, touch screen, auto/manual switchable.
4.Towing chassis for easy transport and installation.
5.Burner is available for coal and oil, at customer's option.
Mainframe Technical Capacity
Type SLB-8 SLB-10 SLB-15 SLB-20 SLB-30
Capacity 8t/h 10t/h 15t/h 20t/h 30t/h
Power oil 23.7kW 24.3kW 33kW 46.5kW 60kW
coal 40kW 41kW 54kW 70kW 90.3kW
Product temperature 120-180℃, /adjustable
Fuel consumption Oil:5-7.5kg/t Coal:13-15kg/t
optional Aggregate batcher, storage bin, coal miller, wet filter ,bag house, control room, bitumen heating tank
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